Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So that was Christmas. . .

. . .And what have we done?

Well, Reg and I just got back from San Diego for Christmas. Fun times had by all: Saturday was spent fixing stuff around my mom's house (Merry Christmas. . . here are some motion sensitive flood lights!), and then hanging out with K-lee and Dimitri in the evening; Sunday was spent trying to build a screen to replace a broken one at my mom's house, then hanging out at Reg's Grandma Jackie's for dinner, then midnight mass with my mom, sister, and the Plunketts. Holy Trinity has a new pastor, after the beloved Father Brian Corcoran moved to a different parish. He will be missed, but the new pastor seems like a nice guy. Christmas was spent at Grandma Jackie's in the morning, then at my mom's for the late afternoon and evening. Tuesday was a not-too-bad drive up to Long Beach in the mid-day, a few hours of volunteer diving, and then a not-too-bad drive home.

A decent amount of driving around, but nowhere near the hassle of a few years ago, when we were going to 5 different christmas events on the same day!

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