Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back from Utah

So I was at a conference in Midway, Utah, for the past week. Stayed at a lovely resort called "Zermatt", with a very Swiss theme. It was a good conference overall. I got some good comments on the poster I was presenting from other space scientists specializing in the ionosphere and the magnetosphere. The resort was nice. . . it was mainly meant to be a place for skiing tourists to stay, but it didn't actually have ski slopes. . . Still, there was a putt-putt course (called the "executive putting green"), a nice pool, and right across the street there was a hot spring called "the Crater". I actually got to go SCUBA diving in this thing, which was basically a deep, water-filled cave filled with 95 deg F water. Kinda fun.

The "Midway Bear" depicted above in the statue that greets guests of the resort, was actually a guy who would dress up as a bear and play the accordian at town parades to entertain the children. That was a disappointingly reasonable story for a statue with such outlandish comic potential, I thought. Oh well.

Oh, and check out the creepy rabbit painting from my hotel room. I don't know why it freaks me out . .. but it does.

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