Monday, November 09, 2009

Dog on a Tikit!


I took Lucy on a short (~2 mile round trip) ride to the local park and back, using the milk-crate I attached to my Bike Friday Tikit's double front rack with bungee cords (as shown in a previous post).  Worked like a charm, cost me nothing (since I found the milk crate in a pile of stuff my neighbor was going to put in the recycle bin, and I already had the bungees), and it's easy to attach and remove.  Perfect size for Lucy, who weighs about 17 lbs.  I bet I could fit a slightly bigger dog in there, though.

My point-of-view when stopped at an intersection.  I laid a couple towels down to as a cushion for Lucy to sit on.  You might notice a slight skew comparing the handlebars to the crate.  That is actually due to the handlebars being slightly misaligned, which I hadn't really noticed until this ride.  Took 30 seconds to  re-align them using an Allen wrench.  The crate itself is quite stable with 5 taut bungees holding it in place, and doesn't shift around.

At the park.  I could attach the crate to the rear rack, but I like having the dog up front to interact with, and I'm pretty sure she would get antzy in the back as well.


Philip said...

That's a great place to put a 12-pack of beer too:)

Dog Carrier Front Pack said...

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